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British cats: character and behavior

The British shorthair cat is temperate and calm in nature. But behind the intrusive introversion lies a very peculiar character. The first thing to draw attention is the independence of this particular breed. The feline will be just as polite to all family members, but it is almost unlikely for the cat to lie on your knees without wanting it itself. Its «meow» will only be heard if it needs something. Additional features of this breed are:

— dedication

— friendliness

— courtesy

— patience

— cleanliness

— aristocracy.

It can be playful, affectionate, and funny, but it will never be humiliated to whims and silly pranks. The British «royal cat», as a true aristocrat, is firm in its habits and preferences. It has a razor-sharp mind, high intelligence and a truly steadfast self-esteem.

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